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It's nice to meet you!

I've been working as an SLP since 2012. I'm a native Idahoan who is living the best life with two wild and sweet little boys, a wonderful husband, and a goofy Vizsla.  

New Heights Speech Therapy

I began New Heights Speech Therapy in 2016, opening a small clinic in Star, ID, in order to see clients privately on my own terms. In August of 2023, I decided I was no longer happy providing services in the traditional way.  One of the greatest challenges to overcome with speech therapy is home practice.  It can be difficult for parents to know exactly what to do, and it can be difficult for them to get a plan in place for their child to participate.  I now offer an integrated approach with direct therapy, coaching, and collaboration between myself and the family in order to bridge the gap between clinic therapy and the home to achieve faster progress and more successful outcomes.

I am also incredibly passionate about early intervention and language stimulation.  Numerous times throughout my professional and personal life, I have heard parents express concerns about how their child isn't yet talking or seems to talk less than peers.  However, they and their pediatricians often move forward with a "wait and see" approach.  Waiting and seeing often only results in more communicative frustration and a widening gap in communication skills.  If a child is a late talker, they can respond very quickly to intervention, and the child and parents are all happier. I  offer booster programs for these children that incorporate coaching the parent on language stimulation techniques while providing direct therapy to the child.

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