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Early Intervention

Early intervention and language stimulation programs are designed to support young children in developing communication skills during critical developmental stages. These programs involve activities and techniques that encourage language acquisition, social interaction, and cognitive development. By targeting communication skills at an early age, therapy aims to prevent or mitigate speech and language delays, fostering improved communication abilities and overall development in children.

Early Intervention

Booster Program: Who is it for?

  • For families waiting to receive services through the Idaho Infant Toddler Program, or who want services in addition to this program 

  • For families interested in a two to three week booster program for Late Talkers (a true late talker responds very well to a small amount of intervention)

    • This program includes therapy 2-3 times/week to include direct intervention and parent coaching

    • This program is most successful and appropriate when the child’s receptive language skills are within the average range

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